March 17, 2019 update

Steak out the Grill Promotion

The snow is melting, and spring is on its way! It’s time to “steak” out the grill. The plan on this promotion is to thank my customers.

Retroactive to March first, I will be giving a sampler pack to an existing customer, as well as a new customer to be drawn for Meet the Cows, my annual open house that happens in August.

How does it work?

Existing customers:

For every beef referral that results in a sale, you will get a corresponding entry in the draw for a sampler pack

New customers

On your first purchase, you will be entered into a separate draw for a sampler pack

How do the entries break down?

1 entry for the purchase of an individual cut

2 entries for the purchase of a freezer pack (sampler or BBQ)

3 entries for an eighth

4 entries for a quarter, 8 for a half, 16 for a whole.

Please note that all processing is done at a provincially inspected abbatoir. As such, I cannot ship my beef across provincial borders