December 13, 2019 update

New Products:

First of all, I have introduced a new option for your ground beef. Grass fed ground beef is now available! For now, this is while supplies last, but if demand is there, I will work to provide more in the future. There is no price differential at this time between the regular beef and the grass fed. This WILL change if demand shows up for grass fed, since it is not economically feasible to sell grass fed at my regular price.

Pet food is now also being made available. I pride myself on the quality of hay that I grow for the cattle. Now, through a partnership with Brad Anderson, we will be selling mini square bales. Bales are straw, and mixed alfalfa/grass hay. Hay bales weigh approximately 1.8 lbs, Straw bales weigh approximately 1.5 lbs. We are working towards sourcing straight timothy hay for some small animals, but we will be planting straight timothy for those pets that require it.

Veal will be making a return in about 4-5 months. It will be pink veal, based on loose housing, milk, and later on grain, mixed with the spent grains from local Sarnia craft breweries.

Finally, check out the beef page under farm products and you can see the video that was done with Frameworks Media Inc describing how the beef is raised.