Dickenson Farms is a is a solely run beef and hay farm located in Oil Springs, ON. We sell beef in sides, quarters, individual cuts and freezer packs and hay and straw in mini bales and 4X5 ft round bales

If you wish to pay via credit card, you can pay using the link at the bottom of the page. 


Dickenson Farms is a strictly self-contained operation.  We never buy-in calves and have not used growth hormones in the beef herd since 1998.

Our cows start calving in March and continue through until November. Calves remain with their mothers until they are roughly 6 months old, during which time they eat eat grass or hay and drink milk from their mothers. It is not until the calves are weaned from their mothers that they begin feeding on barley and brewer’s grain from the Refined Fool River Run Brewery, in Sarnia, Ontario. 

Steers are always available for shipment, with four going every month. See the bottom of this page for the Availability Calendar for booking eighths, quarters, halves and wholes. Animals that have been processed will have their weight so you have an idea what you could be paying


Mini Bales

Mini Bales are always available. These 2 lb bales are perfect for feeding and bedding small pets, gardening, and decorations. 

Grain Extraction Tool (GET)

GETs are not a Dickenson Farms product, but we are proud to support the Lambton County Farm Safety 4-H club by offering this free advertising space.

This tool is ideally suited for Fire Departments to help extract people trapped in grain bins and wagons.

For more information, or to order the Lambton GET, contact: perchlane@dickensonfarms.com


To book beef, please message joe@dickensonfarms.com 

Availability Calendar

Dec 21 2020 2 (sold) 634 lbs and 646 lbs

Jan 4 2 (sold) 621 lbs and 743 lbs

Jan 28 1 (780 – sold) 1 Grass Fed (438)sold

Feb 1 2 (sold) 661 lbs and 686 lbs

Feb 18 2 (sold) 550 lbs and 602 lbs

Mar 1 2 (sold) 570 lbs and 645 lbs

Mar 18 2 (sold) 670 lbs and 614 lbs

Apr 12 2 (sold) 619 lbs and 610 lbs

Apr 22 2 (sold)

May 10 2 sold

May 23 3 sold

June 7 3 sold 660, 634 lbs, hamburger animal

June 24 2 sold 634, 752

July 8 3 (sold)

July 19 1(pending) 1 (booked)

Aug 3 3 (pending)

Aug 12 1 (booked)

Sept 9 2 (open)

Sept 27 2 (open)

Oct 12 2 (open)

Oct 28 2 (open)

Nov 11 2 (open)

Nov 22 2 (open)

Dec 6 2(open)

Dec 16 2 (open)