Dickenson Farms is a is a solely run beef farm located in Oil Springs, ON. We sell beef in sides, quarters, individual cuts and freezer packs

BEEF  – Steers are always available for shipment, with one going every month. Since 1998, Dickenson Farms has not used growth hormones in the beef herd. We also do not buy in any calves. We are strictly a self contained operation. Cows start calving in March and continue through until November. Calves remain with their cows until they are approximately 6 months old, during which time they only eat grass or hay and drink milk from their cows. It is not until they are weaned from their cows that they begin on corn and brewer’s grain from the Refined Fool in Sarnia. From when they are weaned until the time they are ready for market, they would not receive more than an average of 5 lbs of corn/day.

GET (Grain Extraction Tool) – This is not a Dickenson Farms product, but I am proud to support the Lambton County Farm Safety 4-H club by offering this free advertising space. Details are to follow, but this tool is ideally suited for Fire Departments to help extract people trapped in grain bins and wagons. For more information, or to order, contact perchlane@dickensonfarms.com