Dickenson Farms, a family-operated beef and hay farm situated in Oil Springs, ON, offering premium quality farm products directly to the tables of our community, family, and friends.


Dickenson Farms takes pride in its hormone-free approach, having ceased the use of growth hormones in their herd since 1998.

Calving at our farm begins in March and extends through to November. The calves stay with their mothers for approximately six months, during which they consume grass or hay and nurse from their mothers. Only after being weaned do they start to feed on barley and have free choice access to hay. Our grass-fed animals are given free choice hay during the winter months, and in the summer, they are moved to the finishing pasture to graze on grass.


Ideal for nourishing small animals, providing them with comfortable bedding, and/or adding a touch of rustic charm to your home decor! This initiative is a collaborative effort between Anderson Farms and Dickenson Farms both of Oil Springs. Our mini bales have an approximate weight of 1.8 pounds and are available throughout the year.