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Prices as of August 17,2020
Half or Quarter (Half of Half) $4/lb cut, wrapped and delivered (within 100 km of Oil Springs)
Eighth $4.10/lb

Front quarter $3.50/lb

Hind quarter $5/lb

Check the Farm Products tab to see the calendar for the bulk orders. 

BBQ Pack $140
4 packages of an assortment of steak (approximately 8 lbs total of TBones, Rib steak, Sirloin Steak)
10 lbs ground beef

Sampler $170
2 4-5 lb roasts
2 pkg of steaks
15lbs ground beef

Small Sampler $85

1 roast

1 pkg of steak

8 lbs of ground beef

T Bone steak $13/lb
Rib Steak      $12/lb

Sirloin Steak  $12/lb

Beef ribs. $7.50/lb

Ground beef    $5/lb

Rump roast $8/lb

Sirloin tip roast $8.5/lb

Rib roast $8/lb

Stewing beef $5/lb
Hamburger sleeve (6oz  lb, 12 patties) $30
Box of burgers (1/4 lb, 40 patties) $55

Beef Sausage (5/1lb package) $7/lb

All beef hotdogs $8/pk

Pepperettes $8/pk

Liver $4/ pkg

Dog bones $5/pkg

Delivery of packages is free to Lambton and Kent Counties


Beef ribs 2

Ground beef SOLD OUT


Striploin 5

Sirloin SOLD OUT


Rib Steak SOLD OUT

Blade Steak SOLD OUT

Round Steak SOLD OUT

Sirloin Tip Steak SOLD OUT


Prime Rib Roast SOLD OUT

Sirloin Tip Roast SOLD OUT

Brisket SOLD OUT

Rump Roast SOLD OUT

Blade Roast 1

Cross Rib Roast 3

Stewing beef SOLD OUT

Soup Bones SOLD OUT

Hamburger Patties 10 sleeves

Sausage – in stock

Honey Garlic 3

Italian 7

Farmer’s 5

Pepperettes 45

Hot dogs 31 pkg

Dog bones 13 pkg

Liver 26 lbs