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Prices as of August 17,2020
Half or Quarter (Half of Half) $4/lb cut, wrapped and delivered (within 100 km of Oil Springs)
Eighth $4.10/lb

Check the Farm Products tab to see the calendar for the bulk orders. 

BBQ Pack $140
4 packages of an assortment of steak (approximately 8 lbs total of TBones, Rib steak, Sirloin Steak)
10 lbs ground beef

Sampler $170
2 4-5 lb roasts
2 pkg of steaks
15lbs ground beef

Small Sampler $85

1 roast

1 pkg of steak

8 lbs of ground beef

T Bone steak $13/lb
Rib Steak      $12/lb

Sirloin Steak  $12/lb

Beef ribs. $7.50/lb

Ground beef    $5/lb

Rump roast $8/lb

Sirloin tip roast $8.5/lb

Rib roast $8/lb

Stewing beef $5/lb
Hamburger sleeve (6oz  lb, 12 patties) $30
Box of burgers (1/4 lb, 40 patties) $55

Beef Sausage (5/1lb package) $7/lb

All beef hotdogs $8/pk

Pepperettes $8/pk

Liver $4/ pkg

Dog bones $5/pkg

Delivery of packages is free to Lambton and Kent Counties


Beef ribs 3

Ground beef SOLD OUT


Sirloin SOLD OUT


Rib Steak SOLD OUT

Blade Steak SOLD OUT

Round Steak SOLD OUT

Sirloin Tip Steak SOLD OUT


Sirloin Tip Roast SOLD OUT

Brisket 1

Rump Roast SOLD OUT

Blade Roast SOLD OUT

English cross cut Roast SOLD OUT

Stewing beef SOLD OUT

Soup Bones 1

Hamburger Patties 14 sleeves

Sausage – in stock

Honey Garlic 3

Italian 7

Farmer’s 5

Pepperettes SOLD OUT

Hot dogs 31 pkg

Dog bones 13 pkg

Liver 28 lbs