#BuildtheBarn Promotion:

By now, you may have seen the post on social media regarding the #BuildtheBarn promotion. Here are the full details:

The Sarnia Arena is to undergo some major renovations in order to upgrade this historic building. In this building, I have played and watched hockey, as well as attended concerts, the circus and various other events. This building has many memories for me, as it does for other Sarnia-Lambton residents. As such, I would like to chip in to help achieve the renovations.

For all orders placed in November 2017 with delivery in November until all orders are filled (possibly until February 2018) the following will be donated to the project:

$10 on all Freezer packages

$25 on all eighth orders

$50 on all quarters

For details on the packages, please look under the Farm Products tab


  1. Payment is to be made upon delivery. Cash, cheque or credit card are accepted 
  2. Availability of beef is contingent on demand and accessibility to processing space. We have a standing order with a provincially inspected abbatoir of one animal/month, but are at top of the list for additional spaces should cancellations occur so as to increase capacity. There are 25 animals that can be inserted into this promotion.
  3. Delivery is included in Lambton and Kent Counties for packages and eighths. It is also included in Middlesex County for quarters. Should orders from further afield be made, I will endeavour to bundle orders or arrange a meeting point so as to minimize shipping fees.
  4. As mentioned above, the abbatoir is provincially inspected. As such, I cannot ship beef across provincial borders